My 4 top CryptoCurrencies for 2018


My interest in Crypto was born when Litecoin (LTC) forked from Bitcoin all those years ago – it truly was magic internet money which could be mined from an off the shelf GPU.  I soon started mining LTC with my GPU on some pool called Ltcrabbit and began converting LTC to Bitcoin via some shady exchange.  When Litecoin followed its big brothers footsteps by allowing itself to be mined by the ASICs, I then started mining the ASIC proof Vertcoin along side Ethereum soon after.

Needless to say I was hooked, then came the ICO’s.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) were a different breed, basically some tech entity or individual would float an idea using the ICO model based on Ethereum smart contract tokens.  You want part of this idea, then buy the ICO to receive some tokens.  Needless to say most have been dubious with a few exceptions.

My current picks are as follows, and remember, please do not take this as investment advice.

Omise_go (OMG)

Currently an Ethereum token, OMG will eventually be the first Ethereum Plasma Sidechain with a platform agnostic Dex linked to an all ready existent payment processor in Omise. Being one of the few token offerings from a real world payment platform speaks volumes and it is also one of the first to go the plasma route.

Ethereum (ETH)

The biggest crowd source platform in the world. With Plasma and Sharding around the corner, its future proofing is on track.

Modum (MOD)

Essentially shares in a real world company with a unique blockchain agnostic solution.

Quantstamp (QTS)

Ico’s need an audit process and now I won’t buy any that haven’t gone through the Quantstamp seal of approval. Proof of caring with airdrops of audited ICO’s for holders.

Personally I don’t think the future of crypto is in any sort of branded CryptoCurrency and the real world advancement of cryptography is only really in the hands of a select few.  With the likes of Omise_go and similar future platform agnostic payment solutions, I do believe people will be using crypto, they just won’t realise it.

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