Couponic: Australian Coupon Codes


This update has been a long time coming so and here it is:

Couponic: Australian Promo Codes.

The Couponic still offers the same coupon only goodness you have come to expect albeit now with more responsiveness.

Web Features:

Mobile Friendly: The Couponic is now completely responsive and mobile ready.  This means that regardless what device you are browsing with, the Couponic will look great at all resolutions.

Simplified:  The whole design has been re-worked in order to provide visitors  with a slicker, unified and easy to navigate interface.

Community Centric: Couponic is completely human powered and is supported by its members.  The rating system is currently in development mode but should it definitely should help rank our codes more gracefully.

Store Representatives: In order to make the distinction between Community and Store Representatives, Merchants and Shops can now also submit their own coupons for a small fee, hopefully this helps the massive amount of irrelevant submissions we were getting without excluding actual Aussie shops.

Flash Coupon Click to Copy:  Flash is no longer supported on Android Tablets and mobile devices and has never been supported on any Apple IOS device.  Time to say goodbye to Adobe/Macromedia Flash.  In its place, A coupon window will pop up with the code displayed for easy reference.  A Java implementation has also been added for mobile code copying.

Development Features:

  • CSS only Menu, Twitter Bootstrap is awesome.
  • Tabs utilised with specific custom queries.
  • Customised Hierarchy, Taxonomy and Permalink system.
  • Community Focused and Coupon Only, not a fan of generic type deals.
  • Taxonomy Pages rewritten to allow for various sorting abilities Example: Bellabox Coupons Tabbed Active and Unreliable Section, comment system and quick help guide.


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    jeff hutchison September 6, 2013 at 2:39 am

    Hi Aaron, saw your site under premium press customer showcase and see you developed couponic australia using the couponpress template. I need some work done on my site that I’ve started using the responsive directory press theme and wondering whether you take on projects for other people’s sites? Let me know. thanks.

    • Reply
      Aaron September 9, 2013 at 4:21 pm

      Hi Jeff

      I have a bit of work on for the next to weeks though happy to help from the 22nd of September onwards. Let me know if that suits.

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