File Conversion

Being part of the Prepress and digital publishing industry, Webmix are no strangers to the sheer amount of file formats on offer. File conversion and batch processing can be an arduous process, why not let us do it for you.

We can offer a huge range of file conversion services including:

  • Converting between Document (text) files and embedding or even updating old documents from years ago.
  • Converting between Image formats.
  • Creating vector art from mapped images i.e Photoshop to Illustrator.
  • Turning any file into a Print ready PDF.
  • Converting between Data files including CSV, Excel, Text and SQL.
  • Converting between different Audio files.
  • Converting Video files i.e mpeg2 to HEVC.

Note: Quality is taken from supplied files and the converted file formats will retain their original resolution and/or spec when available.

Get in touch today to discuss your options and discover our affordable rates for file conversion.

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