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WordPress: Redirect to Taxonomy

In rare situations, removing the Wordpress single page format (single.php) and envoking a redirection to a parent such as a taxonomy can have massive advantages, especially if you have continuously expiring content.  This is a solution I came up specifically for use with The Couponic. Coupons ...

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Pre-Order Australia: A new project

I have recently been toying around with a little project of mine called Pre-Order Australia which is now live: Pre Order AU Why? I have always loved new stuff and considering I live and breath gadgets and tech, creating a website based on this rather expensive hobby seemed like a great idea if not ...

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Are WordPress themes GPL?

The world of Open Source software has always interested me in great detail and people charging for themes and various plugins for gpl based content management systems has never bothered me at all.  But is it legal to do so? An interesting post has been made on the Wordpress blog which doesn't ...

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phpOStock WordPress plugin

If you dabble in internet marketing and have a Commission Junction account, phpOstock will give your blog the ability to promote products from the incredibly popular online discount store Overstock.com with ease right in your wordpress blog. I have started making a site based around this plugin ...

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