dgm purchases Viva 9 (Commission Monster)


Just received this letter in my inbox today:

Dear Valued Publisher,

It is with great pleasure that I want to inform you of today’s announcement that Digital Performance Group, the company that owns dgm, has purchased dgm’s main competitor within the affiliate sector Viva9.

This purchase brings together Australia and New Zealand’s top 2 affiliate networks and will create a larger publisher base for all advertisers to promote their products and service.

This is a very exciting time for the dgm company as it means we will be investing in more people to grow our affiliate business and will result in greater opportunities for our publishers.

Over the coming weeks we will be in contact as a business to discuss the impact that this will have

on the company and how we aim to leverage the power of the combined businesses to grow all of our publishers businesses.

If you have any questions please give Roger Lee our Publisher Manager or me a call. Unfortunately I am going to be overseas on business for the next two weeks, returning Tuesday 18th September, but all questions can be discussed with the team.

We look forward to expanding upon our ongoing relationship and to continued successes in the future.


John Matthews

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