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I’ll start this post with a little bit of discussion on what I believe is a proper coupon code website.  As opposed to a deal website – usually a generic link directory of deals and/or coupon codes.  Coupon Code websites are exactly that – A website populated with actual codes you can use on a vendors website in order to get a discount.

For online Store Owners, offering a potential customer a unique code has massive advantages over the typical bargain link, not only can they use the code on whatever they would like, they are more inclined to buy more from your store.  A coupon code also has more value over a generic bargain link since it places the power in the hands of the purchaser.  This can lead to brand and store loyalty and it also sets up the potential for viral peer distributed marketing.

The following themes are listed in our Affiliate Listing Directory and are open to community ratings.  Each theme has been reviewed and personally deconstructed by myself in order to make you decision as to which theme is the best a whole lot easier.

I also actually use 2 of these themes on lives sites including The Couponic. With some modification, it shows what you can accomplish with off the shelf white label themes.

The comparison chart currently lists the top coupon themes available. See below for the complete list of coupon themes webmix has covered:

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