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From the description CouponXL is supposed to be the most complete deals, discounts and coupons WordPress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals.

The Reality?

The way the hierarchy is set up in this theme is just odd. Stores are a separate Post Type instead of being a Taxonomy. Why is this a problem you may ask? Firstly it creates an added layer of complexity for the end user – if you are importing feeds this now becomes a 2 step process as Stores will need to be imported separately from Coupons and Deals. The way the Post type relationship has been setup also generates a few more unwanted queries.

The Store page also assigns an alphabetical Taxonomy which then needs to be assigned to each store you create in this post type – frankly an odd design choice considering this can be done via php in a standard WordPress Taxonomy Template.

The support forums for this theme also have many posts on this exact topic – you wont be able to see these queries unless you buy the theme but the way this theme has been designed this can definitely be an issue.

6.7 Total Score
Coupon and Deal Theme solution

Great looking Coupon and Deals theme which doesn't do things the wordpress way.

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